Failure to build network dataset without build errors?

Discussion created by sasuran on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2011 by sasuran
Hi everyone,

I've run into a weird problem in ArcCatalog where I've got a network dataset (that I've built fine before) that I've gone into and switched my connectivity groups around. When I hit "OK" and then right click on "Build", it goes through all the motions, looks like it finishes okay (i.e., it closes on its own and does not come up saying "build completed, but with errors"), but when I click on it and look at "General (tab) -> Build Status" it still says "not built", and I can keep trying to build it without it ever bringing up the "The network dataset has already built" message that I normally get if I try to build a dataset twice.

Has anyone run into this before and knows what causes it? The only thing I've noticed is that it seems to "complete" the build faster than it should.

Many thanks!