Build add-in project in Visual Studio to shared folder?

Discussion created by emblaisdell on Aug 4, 2011
Hi.  I am starting out with developing add-ins for ArcMap 10 using C# in Visual Studio 2010.  I want my add-ins to build directly to the "Shared Add-ins" section of the Add-in Manager in ArcMap. 

Right now, whenever I build my solution in Visual Studio, the add-in appears under the "My Add-Ins" section of the Add-in Manager. 

Unfortunately, and this is also an issue that someone may be able to address, I cannot access the add-ins when they appear under "My Add-ins."  That is, if I go to Customize there is no Add In Controls category.  When I copy the add-in file to a shared folder and add that folder in the Add-in Manager options, only then can I actually use the add-in.

For example, I have a custom menu that I added to the main toolbar in ArcMap.  When I am developing the add-in in Visual Studio, every time I build I have to open the Add-in Manager, and delete the add-in from "My Add-Ins" so that it shows up in the "Shared Add-ins" section.  Then I have to go into Customize mode, delete the menu from the toolbar, and re-add it from the Customize dialog box so that it will work again.