Slow Select By Attribute processing

Discussion created by mpicker on Jul 31, 2011
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Hi there,

I have written some code that reads each line of a text file and adds the lines to a list. It then loops through each item in this list and applies the item to a definition query to select By attribute features in a feature layer. Once its finished looping through the list it copies all selected features to a shapefile.

My concern is that it is extremely slow to process and I am wondering if there is anyway I can do to speed the process up or perhaps a different way I could approach this to speed the script up?

Any ideas on how I could speed up my script would be greatly appreciated...

Here's my code:

# Text files                      
output = "D:\\Subblocks\\SubblocksOutput.txt"                     

# Set overwrite property
gp.OverWriteOutput = 1

# Make feature layer
gp.MakeFeatureLayer("D:\\SUBBLOCKS.shp", "feature_lyr")

# Open output file in read only mode
text_file = open(output, "r") 

# Loop through text file and add to list
lines = text_file.readlines()
print len(lines)

for line in lines:
    print line
    query = "\"KEY\"" + " = " + "\'" + line.rstrip("\n") + "\'"
    gp.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("feature_lyr", "ADD_TO_SELECTION", query)

# Copy selected features to shapefile
gp.CopyFeatures_management("feature_lyr", "D:\\Subblocks\\SELECTED_SUBBLOCKS.shp")

# Close text file

# Free memory
del gp