Deploying EsriAddIns using ClickOnce Technology

Discussion created by Me2 on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2011 by Neil
Hello everyone:

I have developed an EsriAddIn extension/toolbar that relies on a third-party dll that I also supply. Because of the dll, I have been deploying the application using the InstallShield Limited Edition available in/for Visual Studio 2010 (VS). It works fine.

However, I am frustrated by my customers needing administrative rights to install the dll and their keycodes (custom built and placed in C:\ProgramData as recommended, I think, by Microsoft). In addition, it's a challenge to keep all users up to date with the latest version. EsriAddIns don't require administrative rights. FYI, mine is also signed.

The dll doesn't need to be updated after initial installation, but the EsriAddIn and keycodes (plain txt files) do.

So, I am considering the VS ClickOnce technology. Can this be done? Is that going to help with the need for admin rights? Comments, pros & cons, particularly regarding the above scenario?


Two side-questions:

1- Is their a way to use a dll from an EsriAddIn without having to register the dll in Windows first? That would fix half of my problems.

2- Any way of preventing security suites like Norton from seeing an esriaddin as a zip file? This prevents a user from being able to install the add-in by clicking on it on a web page as it associates an "unzip action" to it and not "esriaddin action". It also prevents the "ClickOnce" technology built in EsriAddIns from working.