Exposing Arcpy Python Script to Web

Discussion created by jamiejackson on Jul 15, 2011
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Hi Folks,

I've got some Python code that takes an address as an input, calls the Bing geocoding service, then does some geoprocessing on the location, then outputs the geoprocessing results.

I set up IIS so that the code runs as a CGI, and this works fine, except it doesn't work well under the load of multiple concurrent users.

1. For every request, a new arcpy is imported, etc., and each one of the resulting processes uses ~80MB of RAM.
2. Even one process pegs the CPU at 100% for a while, so running more than one really bogs things down.

So, questions:

A. How can I get this thing to perform better, with respect to concurrent requests?
B. Should I be looking at something other than CGI?