how to get a checkbox or toggle button on a toolbar via .NET?

Discussion created by AdrianK on Apr 5, 2010
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Hi All

I�??ve been building a custom ArcMap add-in via .NET (C#) and come to a hurdle. I have an EditTask and a toolbar. Basically I want the type of editing functionality to be dependant on the state of a checkbox or toggle button on the toolbar. There isn't any ArcGIS control templates that seem to help.

I noticed in this thread that it might be possible to alter the properties of a command button to create a toggle but I haven�??t had any success in doing this.

I�??ve also downloaded some for Neil Clemmons�?? code from this thread but I�??m still not sure how it�??s done. Do I have to develop my own ArcGIS registered control and add it to my toolbar? I haven�??t had experience in doing this so pointers to tutorials would be handy.

Ultimately if anyone has a suggestion on how best to solve the problem I�??d be very grateful.