Cannot load form or even display a message box

Discussion created by olwyn on Jul 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by olwyn
Hi there,
I'm trying to learn how to use Visual Studio to create a button that loads a form. I'm using Visual Studio Express 2008 (VB.NET). I've followed, step by step, two tutorials:
http://gis.qtools.com/blog/tutorials/vba-to-c-add-in/part-4-creating-new-add-in-project/ (up to Part 4 and using VB.NET)

In neither tutorial have I been able to get a form to load. In the case of the first tutorial, I can't even get a message box to display. It's pretty frustrating.

So, I started from scratch in a new project (ArcMapAddIn1). It is a button (Button1) on a toolbar (My Toolbar). When the button is pressed a message box is supposed to pop up (this is under the OnClick event for Button1).  Nothing happens when I press the button! It just goes grey.

Any ideas about what I'm missing here?