Making fields hidden/visible using MakeFeatureLayer help

Discussion created by hsiddique on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by kdevine321
Hi all,

I have an SDE layer, that I am using in my script, that becomes a Feature layer (to be used later in my script). Of the fields within the feature class, I only need a few, and I have reflected this in the script but it still appears to keep all the fields.

# Create Feature Layer from BLPU point
    gp.makeFeatureLayer_management(inputPoint, "point_lyr", "", "","UPRN UPRN VISIBLE; ADDRESS ADDRESS VISIBLE")
    print "1 - ", inputPoint, "is now a feature layer"
    # Export Joined Point layer
    gp.copyFeatures_management("point_lyr", "READY_FOR_SDE_test")
    print "14 - ", "Joined points has been exported to", datadump
Any ideas on how to get this working?