which 2 offices offer the shortest driving distance out of 20

Discussion created by gino_luzader on Jun 28, 2011
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I have never used network analyst before and need some help.

I am running Arcmap 9.3. I can upgrade to 10, just too lazy to do so.

Here is the problem that has been presented to me.           We have 20 offices located in North Eastern US.   We want to hire two people to work out of two of these offices.  These two employees will visit the other offices on a regular basis via motor vechicle.  Flying is not an option.
I need to calulate which two office locations will result in the fewest amount of driving to the other 18.

I can come up with a point coverage of office locations as well as a road coverage but beyond that I have no idea how to use the network analyst tool set to solve this problem.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

Gino Luzader