Batch split polyline, create Featuredataset with output featureclass name

Discussion created by xdev on Jun 21, 2011
Hello Guys,

I am face with a task that can potentialy be very time consuming; so I thought I might ask the pros for help. :)

I need to create a script to do the following process:

1) Create Geodatabase with fixed name i.e Habitats_MacquarieRiver_GDA94;
2) Split a polygon feature equally by x number of parts;
3) Create Feature Datasets with the following paremteters:
    Name - PartName (from feature split) _segment number e.g. Reach_01, Reach_02
    Coordinate System - GDA94
4)export each segment from split process to featuredataset with same name;

the script will need to return a list of feature classes from a different geodatabase (GDB A) and loop through the previous exported segments in GDB B and select features from all the feature classes within geodatabase GDB A that fall within a buffer area of the exported segments from GDB B.

the selected features then need to be exported to the new geodatabase GDB B and saved within the featuredataset that matches the name of the segment the features are being selected by, the name of the featureclasses must be OriginalFeatureclassName_SegmentName e.g. (The original feature class in within GDB A and Segment names are within GDB B) Macrophytes_Reach_01.

As much help on this would be most appreciated.