Snapping two differents layer by common attributes in  several fields

Discussion created by Nelsonucv on Jun 17, 2011
Hi guys,

Here is a problem that i can´t solve: i have two layers, one in polygons and another in points, those layers have a common field (address) with commons atributes (adresses) but those layer not are in the same position exactly (there are a minor displacement) and i need those points along the border of the poligon feature.  if i use the global snap points (using the nearest edge) those points will snap to some arcs that doesn't have the same address that the point. So i just wondering if i can do that process using some script in vba; first an if-else statment to verify that both layers have the same attributes and then another code to perform the snap to a coincident feature with the same attribute (addresses). the tolerance doesn´t matter because i need the points will snap to a coincident arc having the same attribute..

any help will be appreciated!!! thanks in advance!!