Arc Hydro 2.0 for ArcGIS 10: Copy an existing model

Discussion created by Playa on Jun 13, 2011
I'm looking for the correct workflow to copy an existing model into a new folder and use it as a starting point for another Arc Hydro Model.

This is my current workflow:

1: Copy the the following from the previous model: Layers folder; File Geodatabase; and mxd.
2: Paste the items copied from the previous model into a new folder titled "Model2".
3: Repair the Sources of the copied mxd to the new location of the raster and vector layers
4: Set the Target Locations to the new location of the raster and vector data.
5: Delete the records within the following Feature Classes: BatchPoint; Watershed; WatershedPnt; LongestFlowPath;
6: Append the new locations into the BatchPoint Feature Class
7: Run the Batch Watershed Delineation and remainder of the Catchment Characteristics (LongestFlowPath; Centroid; Slope10/85)

Is there any other adjustments I need to make to ensure that the new model works correctly? I'm subdividing my study area into multiple Arc Hydro models and trying to eliminate unnecessary work.