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Discussion created by shaunrconway on Jun 6, 2011
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Hello Everyone!

A little background - I work for a local government with and ELA license currently running 9.3.1. We are planning our upgrade to Arc 10. Our plan is to install and test server, sde, and our web apps in a development environment. Once all is up and running and has been tested, this test environment will become the new production environment. At that time, our current production environment will be updated and in turn become our new development/test environment.

My question is about the License Manager. Can we have two license managers running on separate servers? I read that we can manage both 9.x and 10 licenses with the arc10 license manager, however being that this license manager will be deployed initially in a test environment, we do not want any downtime to affect our production licenses.

Any guidance? Can we install the License Manager for 10 while still running the 9.3 License Manager on a separate machine?