Arcobject strange behaviour while launching from java web start

Discussion created by usmanaleem on Jun 3, 2011
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I am developing an application which launches from javaws and i found very strange behaviour. my application is based on different gui and gis is also one part of it. so when i launch my application and start working on gis it works fine for onece. but when i close it and reopen or i start working on different other workflow and then try to launch my gis gui it hangs and gives me strange error message outofmemory... or when i debug it, it hanges by calling simple visual beans object like toc bean etc.

i also notice that when i try to load the Server Style files it give me error message cant load this file. automation exception.

so i put all client jars on my machine and run it from a .bat file every thing works fine never gets out of memory issue and style files are loaded perfectly fine and all functionality works fine.

Is this some what problem in calling or releasing dlls or what... i also install sp2 but nothing works.

i am using java 6 update 21