ArcMap 10 Broken Link Problem

Discussion created by omuhy042 on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by mcieri
I'm currently working with a department that recently installed ArcGIS 10 over the last month. There has been one main problem of concern that I'm currently trying to solve: saved mxd files return broken links to sde feature classes every time(at least one broken link per mxd). The weird part is that the data isn't corrupted (can view in ArcCatalog) and data layers can be manually added without a problem. The layers cannot however be repaired as an error message of "item does not have a definition" appears when I attempt to repair the data layer. I've tried to store relative pathnames to data sources, under map document properties- with no success. Another weird quirk is that a new data frame can be added and the layer with a broken link can simply be dragged into the new data frame- this new copied layer works! Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated, thanks...