Railway Alignment: ArcHydro Workflow

Discussion created by Playa on Jun 1, 2011
I need some advice from the ArcHydro community regarding my current workflow that I would like to improve in using ArcHydro to determine where structures (Bridges; Major and Minor Culverts) will be required along my railway alignment I'm using the 90m SRTM DEM tiles and ArcHydro to generate watersheds along a railway alignment where structures will be required.

At current my workflow entails using the preliminary locations determined by the engineers as BatchPoints to generate Watersheds. I complete all the preprocessing steps in ArcHydro and using the Trace Flow Path tool to generate Flow Paths that run through the location of the rail alignment where drainage lines were generated from the stream grid.

I looking for an more automated approach to determine where structures (Bridges; Major and Minor Culverts) would be required along the railway alignment. I thought of the following approach and would like comments and suggestion in improving my approach.

New Approach:

I would regenerate the Stream Grid using a finer Stream Threshold to generate more Drainage Lines. I then would generate Confluence Points from the Drainage Line. I would generate a buffer wide enough along the Railway Alignment and select the Confluence Points and export those that fall within the buffer and append them to the BatchPoint Feature Class to use them as first run to generate watersheds along the railway alignment and make adjustments to the locations based on the railway alignment and prelimary locations of the structures supplied by the engineers.

Any suggestions to improve my approach will be appreciated.