Dynamic Data Updating

Discussion created by NeoGeo on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by NeoGeo
We have numerous automated scripts which update different datasets every few minutes, which are being consumed by a Flex viewer through REST.  I am running into a couple different problems with the viewer updating. 
1)  With vector layers, it seemed like I was having the most trouble with the rest cache, but it does not seem like a good solution to clear the rest cache every 10 minutes because that kills performance and IE will not pull up the map at all usually on the first attempt after the rest cache has been cleared. 

2)  On raster datasets, it is even worse.  Even if I cleared the browser cache, cleared the rest cache, restarted IIS, and restarted the browser, it would not update.  The only thing that would help it update is to restart the service.  People don't seriously consider restarting the service every 10 minutes to be a good solution do they? (programmatically via agssom.exe)  I realize there is only like a 2 second window where it is restarting, but people do notice hiccups like that and it does affect their perception of the viewer quality.

What are you guys doing for your dynamic data? Also has anyone seen any more information on usage of disableClientCaching and doesn't that only help with browser cache?