PGDB Error Loading Records

Discussion created by jamesfreddyc Champion on May 23, 2011
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ArcGIS10 / Personal Geodatabase / Table and FeatureClasses

I am having some difficulty determining and finding a suitable remedy for a reocurring error.  I have developed some customized ArcObjects that populates an ITable, then joins(IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory) this with another layer in the PGDB.  Actually, there are no errors during this entire process and everything renders perfectly.

The error comes when attempting to open the attribute table of the layer (after the join is complete).  This is the exact error message in this format (multi-line message):

There was an error loading records
The spatial index grid size is invalid [OID Table0]
The spatial index grid size is invalid

That it's -- those 3 lines appear and the attribute table is blank.  However, if I remove the Join manually, then there is no error opening the attribute table!

Any help is appreciated.