Invoking Data Frame without calling mxd?

Discussion created by magnusson on May 23, 2011
I am trying to create a scrip that will look up services on a server and cache them. This is a crunch machine that I load updates to and then generate cache's for.

The problem I am stuck on is that I cannot figure out how to get a list of Data Frames without invoking arcpy.mapping.ListDataFrame(mxd). The problem with this call is that you need to pass in an mxd with path, and I am starting from a list of services names.

My script has:
   serviceList = arcpy.mapping.ListMapServices(connection_name, server_name)
   for serviceName in serviceList:
      # I loop through all active services, and what I want to do is pass all argument to the next command, including the top/1st data-frame for each service

      arcpy.CreateMapServerCache_server(server_name, serviceName, data_frame, etc.

How do I call a Map Document path (& name) from a map service?