Can't get spatial query REST soe to work

Discussion created by tjrourke on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by tjrourke
I compiled the sample solution for the REST SOE walkthrough for .NET. I followed all of the steps to register and install the components on the server. Even after several iterations, the result is the same: the properties drop-downs never show up in the ArcGIS Service Manager. In Internet Explorer, when I try to enable the SOE for the Yellowstone map service, I get the following error:

"Message: Sys.ArgumentException: Cannot deserialize. The data does not correspond to valid JSON.
Parameter name: data
Line: 5
Char: 62099
Code: 0
URI: http://arcGisHost/ArcGIS/Manager/ScriptResource.axd?d=fm0WXCTqHSeU0hKM6Swwg4U9FpaFqweYA8-wOt2Mg9aRL9-_SYWMwInUg8mKDri5YJMs1VNdXRwmhA3rSExrhdHJamwihHA09XwmBxXV9m43A4gvgZ-x7Suc78-Rp2jQc71W5eg9pnjxG0s-VumtaQCYkVM1&t=5c2f384e"

This is where SOEs failed for us in 9.x, but this time we got an error message. Has anyone seen this and got past it?