Looking for a region growing algorithm

Discussion created by demdemeleeds on May 15, 2011
I work with a raster set representing land values and I would like to automatically create polygons with random shape but with certain size and/or land value given a centroid point of each polygon. The centroid point will act as the initial raster cell (a pixel called as a seed cell) that will belong in that certain polygon and then a region growing algorithm will begin adding pixels around a centroid pixel until the constraint of size and/or land value of a polygon will be satisfied.

Is anybody who has any idea about an existing region growing algorithm? or at least which is the class of ArcObjects or Interfaces that I may work with, so as to read the value of each pixel, create a new polygon by adding new pixel to it?

I hope that the above make sense and somebody may help me.
I will appreciate it vey much.