Integrating ArcGIS ecosystem

Discussion created by icube on May 11, 2011
Hi i am rather new developer and would love to integrate the whole ArcGIS suite of products in my organisation. However, i would like to consult the people here on how possible, how feasible and how easy it is to implement it. There are many so technologies here at ArcGIS and the whole ecosystem just confuses me at times on what best to use for our users. So i would like to get a better overview on how i should do this.

My task as a developer is to create a large format interactive display for the users of my organisation. The interactive display allows the users to discuss collaboratively in a more social setting and it is key to our research-based organisation. I'm already using the ArcGIS Server API for Silverlight/WPF and together with Microsoft Surface Toolkit to create a touch-optimized application for the interactive display and it is working pretty well. However I am now thinking of how users can upload/view their data to the interactive display easily.

Initially, i'm thinking that they could upload to the ArcGIS Server we are now using. However, they need to install ArcMap and ArcCatalog to upload to it. And some users doesn't have the ArcMap knowledge but they have data in other formats like geo-tiff, KML, etc. And now we have the ArcGIS Online Webapps that users can create. So my question is how can i let my users view their data easily on the interactive display without them installing ArcMap/ArcCatalog? What are the options i should take to accomplish this? What kind of workflow is there for the users?

Please advice.