How to multiply of two rasters in Python

Discussion created by luc4s on May 3, 2011
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How to multiply two rasters in Python?

I wrote script:
import arcpy
from arcpy import env
#folder with pixels: 0-bad and 1-good value
env.workspace = "B:\mask"
masks = arcpy.ListRasters("*", "")
#folder with  value of pixels from 0 to 255
env.workspace = "B:\raster"
rastlist = arcpy.ListRasters("*", "")
for mask in masks:
    maskname = str(mask)
    for raster in rastlist:
        rastname = str(raster)
        if maskname[:25]==rastname[:25]:
          r= mask*raster
          env.workspace = "B:\MODIS\MOD15A2\converted\n"

But it doesn't multiply rasters. It is some problem with :
r= mask*raster
In Python window shows :

"Runtime error <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'unicode'"