Data Loading in GeoDataBase with Geom Network *ON*?

Discussion created by gssathia on Apr 25, 2011
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We are working on an Electrical Utility Project (ArcFM Configured DB). In production, we are using Complex Data Loader from ArcMap to load the new data from survey in a particular version with the GeoMetricNetwork ON.

Problems arise with the time consumption & man hours spent for the activity. It take lotsa time & its merely a Semi-Manual activity. The DB needs to be converted to ESRI objects from ArcFM objects to avoid the autoupdaters from firing, which could save us sometime. But still, the downtime is not enough sometimes to load thousands of records in 50+ feature classes.

Is there any other way or utility to automate the loading of the data with the Geom Network ON?..

S/W config as follows:
ArcSDE 9.3 - SP1, SP2
Oracle 10g R2
ArcGIS 9.3.1 - SP1, SP2

Cheerz !