python error message for non-unique tool name

Discussion created by curtvprice Champion on Feb 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by curtvprice
ArcGIS 9.3.1:

>>> print gp.usage("clip")
>>> Method clip not found. Choices: Method clip not unique, please use ToolboxName_ToolName.

ArcGIS 9.4b2:

>>> print arcpy.Usage("Clip_management")
Clip_management(in_raster, rectangle, out_raster, {in_template_dataset}, {nodata_value}, {NONE | ClippingGeometry})
clips a raster
>>> print arcpy.Usage("Clip")
Method Clip not found. Choices: Method Clip not unique, please use ToolboxName_ToolName.

Were you going to list the available toolboxes with a clip tool?

If not you probably want to delete the string "Choices: " to avoid confusion. it would be nice to see the list when debugging python code if it can be done.