A grid applied in a sum of polygons included(how to analize polygon in polygon)!

Discussion created by covasnianu.adrian on Apr 16, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2011 by curtvprice

I have a delimited polygon. Within this polygon I have a total of X polygons included in the current full/total polygon. These X polygons differs by shape. What I want is to see the overlapping times (something like a repetitive case), in order to interpolate the resulted polygons.

My idea is to apply a grid (X*Y meters/kilometers) needed to see how many times those polygons are present in the grid sections. By applying this grid it should suggest me the polarization of the polygons.

This polygons are limits of the towns influence in matter of public interest.

I've tried with intersect and union geo-processing tools but no result. :(

Can you suggest me any solution ?