How to change the geometry of a line (lastpoint & startpoint)

Discussion created by jacappello on Apr 13, 2011
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I'm attempting to change the start point and last point of some lines (pipes). The code runs below without an error but when I check the lines in ArcMap I discover that the end points haven't moved at all. Shouldn't I be able to edit/update the geometry of these points this way?

 desc = arcpy.Describe(pipes2)
    PipeCur = arcpy.UpdateCursor(pipes2)
    desc= arcpy.Describe(pipes2)
    shapefield = desc.ShapeFieldName
    cnt = 0
    pipe = PipeCur.next()
    while pipe:
        lngIDSYS = pipe.IDSYS
        whereClause = "IDSYS = " + str(lngIDSYS)
        print whereClause
        pntCursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(EndPoints,whereClause)
        EndPnt = pntCursor.next()#return the only point
        PipeFeat = pipe.getValue(shapefield)# need the shape field name here
        Last = PipeFeat.lastPoint# returns the last point.
        print "Changing the x and y"
        print str(Last.X) + " is the x value before."
        print str(EndPnt.NEAR_X) + " is the x value of Near_X."
        Last.X = EndPnt.NEAR_X
        print str(Last.X) + " is the x value after."
        Last.Y = EndPnt.NEAR_Y
        cnt = cnt + 1
        pipe = PipeCur.next()