Investigating how Network Analysis can be manipulated to account for the slope/aspect

Discussion created by luke1983 on Apr 12, 2011
Hello folks new to the forum and just learning about network analysis now so pretty new to this too.

I've been set the task above and identified that i also need to consider the Cost Restriction, Direction of Travel, how to get the raw data in to a feature class and the different slope classifications which vehicles can traverse.

So far I am thinking this: 

1)  Each edge representing the road layer must have a TF or FT slope value.  I can't figure out how i would give each edge a slope value representing that of the ground.  I have elevation data and a road layer. Any Ideas?

2)  A restriction could be used with to stop particular vehicles traversing roads which have a slope greater than the vehicles maximum slope.

3)  Oneways can be utilised as normal in the restrictions tabs.

Thinking about it, the main problem i have is converting the raw data into an attribute or feature class which can be used to show any impedence that a slope will have upon a road edge.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.