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Attribute Rule Fails to run When Editing from a Feature Service

Question asked by HitchHiker24 on Oct 16, 2020
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I am using a simple attribute rule to create a polygon in our database when a new record is inserted. When I create e new record in ArcGIS Pro the attribute runs fine, but when I use a feature service that I have published and try to create a new record I get a error:


The ArcGIS AddFeatures call failed with code 1017 and description 'Failed to evaluate Arcade expression. [ Rule name: Create_dummy_Polygon, Triggering event: Insert, Class name: DevTracker_TentativeMap, GlobalID: {D3D3B619-C823-4494-9C77-1E22EE44C436}]'.


Acrdae Statement:

var polygonJSON = {"rings":[[[-120.06134033203125,39.07570985562645],[-119.981689453125,39.07570985562645],[-119.981689453125,39.137516828427074],[-120.06134033203125,39.137516828427074],[-120.06134033203125,39.07570985562645]]], "spatialReference": { "wkid":3423}}


Has anyone had a attribute rule execute while editing from a Feature Service?