Shared Instance Pool Database Connections

Discussion created by boyle.matt on Oct 14, 2020

We recently moved some of our low priority services to the shared instance pool on our ArcGIS Server.  One thing we noticed almost immediately after moving these services is that we have A LOT more connections to our enterprise databases.


We log the number of connections to our enterprise databases so we have a good baseline of the number of connections to expect, and once we moved these services to our shared instance pool, the number of connections exploded.


Is this an expected behavior of the shared instance pool?  Has anyone else noticed this?  Does this have any negative affects on performance for the database?


Below is a query showing the number of connections to our enterprise databases, and you can see after we moved services to the shared instance pool, at around 9am on Wednesday (10/14/2020) the number of connections ballooned.  The previous day, Tuesday 10/13/2020 shows our typical number of connections.


Environment Settings

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1 (Portal, Server, Data Store, Web Adaptor) --- each component is installed on a separate server

RDBMS: Sql Server 2014 Standard

Number of shared instances per machine: 4