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Shape file slides data into next column

Question asked by on Oct 14, 2020
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Creating a Shape file in another software and viewing in ArcGIS Pro. Open, make a map and print a layout. Next day open again and the error below showed up. The shape file has saved with these errors.



1. Using ArcGIS Pro we import the shape file and create a map using Region 7 and 8 and all is good.

2. When we open the map (.aprx) later, the map and layer is broken like below.

       Now Region has been placed in the Network field? FromKM, ToKM and RepLength slide into NeedRacs also?


Anything we can do to solve this issue?

Shape file is created using excel, attached to access in Geomedia 2016 and Dynamically segmented to LRS. Then Exported to Shape file.


So far:

  • I cannot recreate the issue 100% of the time
  • the shape file works in another software and ArcGIS Pro when first loaded
    • guessing something triggers the data to switch fields in arcgis pro process?
  • when opening the now bugged shape file in another software it's bugged there also.. So hard save to file?


Region = 7 or 8                                                                              NeedsRacs = x, Yes or No (numbers are from LRS fields)