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Help with Scratch GDB, how to stop it from spamming uneeded scratch.gdb?

Question asked by JMossing on Oct 14, 2020

My questions are with the scratch.gdb in ArcPro 2.3. Scratch GDB (Environment setting)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation and Scratch Folder (Environment setting)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation and Scratch Workspace (Environment setting)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation needs more information.


I have an entire work flow scripted in a pyt and the first thing I do is create two project directories and two project geodatabases and set the arcpy.env.workspace to one of the geodatabases. I do not want anything written anywhere else. ArcPro/geoprocessing should not be writing anything anywhere else but still it persists in creating scratch folders and geodatabases which I do not believe it is even using.


Next why when I set the arcpy.env.workspace and it seems that the tools are using that path why is the application still creating the folder/  I have also tried to set the arcpy.env.scratchWorkspace to no avail. What is the purpose of arcpy.env.scratchWorkspace if the application does not respect the path assignment there?


My understanding is that when geoprocessing tools are run if they need temporary space they use the scratch.gdb. Why sometimes does ArcPro create the scratch.gdb when it has just been opened before anything has been done or any tool has been run at all? No it is not consistent behavior.


I have great workflow with file structure and geodatabases that my tools create, this workflow has been successful since ArcMap 10.0. I do not need ArcPro automagically creating folders/geodatabases. Any assistance to turn off the spam files would be appreciated.