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Operations Dashboard not displaying all features.

Question asked by rsm_ddms on Oct 13, 2020

I have an operations dashboard that contains a merged layer. The user selects the year and features with that year value display. 


What is happening is that the operations dashboard is acting as if there is a scale dependency or that the number of features it can return is exceeded and will not draw all features when zoomed to the full extent. Features appear as you zoom in but I want all features to appear at the full extent.


The number of features visible is NOT above the default maximum record count (2000) in many cases. Also, when I load data for one year in as a separate layer, all features draw just fine. The filter is having a weird effect. 


I used a registered map service and set the maximum record count to a number higher than the total number of records in the merged feature class - It it impossible for there to be more features displayed than the service can handle, but I still have the same effect.


Features draw as desired in the web map that feeds the dashboard. 


Any advice on this matter would be very very much appreciated. Thank you,


Randy McGregor