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Unable to use a published web tool if map contains a raster layer

Question asked by gbs.kiwi_nwr on Oct 12, 2020

ArcGIS Pro v2.6.2

Enterprise 10.71


Whenever I share a GP result from a custom Python script as a web tool to Portal / ArcGIS Enterprise, if the map contains a raster layer the resulting web tool has no tasks / tools (publishes successfully, no errors or warnings after Analyze)



If I take the raster layer out, run the tool again then republish, the expected task appears




The nature of my custom Python script requires the ability to interact with a variety of different layer types within a map, rasters included.


To take anything to do with my script out of the equation, I decided to do a test using a built-in GP tool:

  1. New project > Added a raster layer to a map
  2. Raster is within an enterprise geodatabase which is registered with the target portal
  3. Ran Raster to ASCII
  4. Right click result in History > Share Web Tool
  5. Filled in mandatory web tool details
  6. Analyze > No errors or warnings
  7. Publish > No errors or warnings
  8. Clicked on link to mange the web tool
  9. On the web tool's details page, no tools a listed under the Tools section


Based on the above it seems a bug in ArcGIS Pro?


Would appreciate any insight anyone can offer.