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User constantly challenged for credentials  when trying to load WebMap from portal into UWP application

Question asked by dmitro.lukash on Oct 8, 2020

Hello! Maybe someone could help me.

I’m trying to develop a UWP app and show a WebMap from my enterprise portal. My map is made of Feature Service which consist of 2 layers and 5 tables related to each other.

So, I’ve taken a pars of code examples for authentication:

// Register the server information with the AuthenticationManager.
            ServerInfo serverInfo = new ServerInfo(new Uri(PortalUrl))
                //ServerUri = new Uri(PortalUrl),
                TokenAuthenticationType = TokenAuthenticationType.OAuthImplicit,
                OAuthClientInfo = new OAuthClientInfo(clientId: AppClientId, redirectUri: new Uri(OAuthRedirectUrl))

            // If a client secret has been configured, set the authentication type to OAuthAuthorizationCode.

            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(ClientSecret))
                // Use OAuthAuthorizationCode if you need a refresh token (and have specified a valid client secret).
                serverInfo.TokenAuthenticationType = TokenAuthenticationType.OAuthAuthorizationCode;
                serverInfo.OAuthClientInfo.ClientSecret = ClientSecret;


            // Register this server with AuthenticationManager.

            // Use a function in this class to challenge for credentials.
            AuthenticationManager.Current.ChallengeHandler = new DefaultChallengeHandler { AllowSaveCredentials = true };


My “ClientSecret” is set so (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(ClientSecret)) is true.


But when I add a map to a MapView control. I have to authenticate myself more than once.

As I found out I am challenged the first time to get to the Portal and the second is to get to the ArcGis Server.

After successful authentications I have 2 credentials:



Count = 2

    [0]: {Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Security.ArcGISTokenCredential}

    [1]: {Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Security.OAuthTokenCredential}


I don’t know why, but the second authentication not always leads to success. So, please, make it clear for me:

1.How can I challenge User for credential only once and give him an access to all resources on Portal and Server.

2.How to store credentials and reuse it after application’s restart.