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Checkbox size in Feature Report Template

Question asked by curt.walker.hc on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2020 by curt.walker.hc

I'm using the following syntax in a feature report template to display checkboxes for each item in a select multiple choice list.  The syntax works as expected by outputting checked or unchecked boxes depending on the options chosen.


${select_multiple|checked:"value"} Label


The problem is the sizing and formatting of the checkboxes.  The checked box is significantly larger than the unchecked boxes, which makes the list appear messy.  Nothing aligns because the checked and unchecked symbols take up different amounts of space on the page.  The checked boxes are also blue whereas unchecked are black/white.



Is there a way to control the size or even symbol used with these checkboxes?


I tried setting the font size of the syntax in the template, but it's already consistent across the entire list of choices.  Everything in the tempate is sized 12 pt font.