Numeric Fields for Bar Charts

Discussion created by Serban.Marin on Oct 5, 2020

There seems to be some discrepancy between the ArcGIS Pro UI functionality and the SDK options. 


I have a feature class with the following fields. Some are numeric and some are categories (Text)


The UI only allows only Category or Date fields that is then used as the X-dimension in the chart. and the user cannot pick a numeric field as the X-dimenstion


Using the SDK however I am able to create a bar chart with a numeric field as the x-dimension.

var series = new CIMChartBarSeries();
series.Fields = new string[] { "Resampled Depth" };
var chart = new CIMChart();
chart.Series = new CIMChartSeries[] { series };

With this code I am able to create what looks like a valid chart where it seems like the numeric values have been converted to text and sorted.



The problem here is if I want to alter the appearance of this chart in the UI, the series and fields are not recognized




So with this I have to ask if there are any plans to support Bar Charts with Numeric fields in the UI or will they only be available for manipulation via SDK calls?