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Add data into Feature Class from CSV file

Question asked by nguyenvanlam on Oct 6, 2020

Dear all,


I have a layer that contained many polylines (Capture1.JPG) and a CSV file with many columns (Capture2.JPG), in which the first column is the time, from the second column to the end are the values of each object in the layer.

For example, at the time t1 (1/31/2020 0:00) and t2 (1/31/2020 0:02), the values of object with Id = 1 are 0.039 and 0.038, the values of object with Id = 2 are 0.055 and 0.039, respectively.

How can I joint data in this Layer with the CSV file and export it into a new layer with a new format that looks like in Capture3.JPG using python and arcpy?


Thank you very much. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards.