ArcPro 2.3.3 Layer to KML not exporting feature layer TimeStamps

Discussion created by JMossing on Oct 1, 2020

Why has the Layer to KML function changed from ArcMap? Pro will not respect layer time properties when it exports the layers to KML meaning the <TimeStamp> tags are absent and the layer will not animate or playback in Google Earth. Is there a fix for this in a newer version, or a work around that I am missing?


The Layer to KML function/tool work fin in ArcMap 10.x for years exporting the feature layer <Time Stamp> tags and producing KML layers that could be animated over time.


While on this topic there seems to have been a significant lose of function when it comes to converting layers/map to KML when compared to ArcMap. Are there any plans to add a Project to KML tool like the old Map to KML tool? If the time stamps were intentionally taken out is there a plan to add them back?