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Integrate Node.js with Experience Builder Developer Edition

Question asked by krobine@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS on Oct 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by dmartinez-esristaff

I've been thinking about getting my hands wet with Experience Builder.  Coming from WebApp Builder Developer Edition, I like how the node.js is integrated into WAB_DEV. You don't need to install each separately.  I'm also working at a Federal site, so the possibility of getting Administrative access to do anything is 'nil to none'.  So 3 questions really:


1. Is there a plan to integrate Node.js into Experience Builder?   

2. Do you need to "run as administrator" to run Node.js with Experience Builder? (hopefully not as I wont be able to do that where I work).  

3. Is the requirement to run node.js version 12.x required?