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Point source flood mapping

Question asked by CEMML_gsmith12 on Sep 30, 2020

Hello everyone! Does anybody know of a solid way to map runoff/inundation areas from a single point source?  For example, I would like to model the predicted floodplain/inundation area if a 1000 gallon oil tank suddenly ruptured in an urban environment.  The model should take into account terrain (DEMs), land cover (I have very accurate data that I can convert to Manning's roughness coefficients), culverts (and other water-related infrastructure features), obstructions (buildings, structures, etc.), etc.


I've experimented with using the USACE HEC-RAS program, but haven't had luck finding solutions for single point-source mapping. Does anybody know of similar situations/tutorials that I could read up on or geoprocessing tools that I could use for this situation? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks very much!