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Add records to related table in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET WPF

Question asked by saili.tang_ElectionsNS on Sep 28, 2020
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I am using ArcGIS runtime SDK for .NET V100.5 to develop a WPF application. The application’s feature layer has a related table and attachment enabled, so it has 2 relationship classes. For attachments, I have no problem because ESRI is providing several API to read/write them. But for the other related table, I created a table first and then a relationship class between this table and my application’s feature layer (My app has only one editable feature layer.)  My app needs to be able to read and write the table. I find some samples which show how to retrieve(read) data from related table, but cannot find the one which show how to write data into the related table. I am wondering if a related table is not able to be written? If it can be, how to do it? Thanks.