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Tile-based feature requests for extent - any way to revert to standard?

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by jballard-esristaff

Hi, I see that with 100.9 ArcGIS SDK is sending several requests per layer when the extent changes. We routinely test with Fiddler and immediately noticed the increase on upgrade from 100.7 to 100.9. We see this is due to this enhancement:

Feature Layers now use tile-based requests to fetch and display features in a map when the underlying feature service supports this capability. Feature tiles enable ArcGIS Runtime to display more features from the service and provides faster initial load time by generalizing complex geometries for display. Feature tiles use a Protocol Buffers binary format to compress the data being transferred along with advanced HTTP caching semantics to reduce the impact of network latency and improve performance. At this release, feature tiles are not used to request features for display in a scene (3D).


Is there any way to tell the SDK to use standard requests for extent queries (besides disabling the capability on the feature service)?


It would be nice to either globally set a flag on the client to use standard requests and/or set it on a per layer basis. Our users routinely have minimum 50 layers visible. Instead of 50 requests when they move the map, now we might see 300 requests. If any of those layers perform poorly, the effect of poor performance compounds.


Separately, I am seeing the data return in json and not "Protocol Buffers binary format" - not really an issue, just an observation.