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View PDF using attribute in dataset - not displaying in Chrome

Question asked by ccoleyesriuk-esridist Employee on Sep 24, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by tming-esristaff



We have an issue with one of our new apps. As with the ops dashboard, we’re using an attribute in our dataset to visually show the link, which is a PDF. However when using Chrome, we can’t actually see the PDF in the app.


We have confirmed that we will have to install a PDF viewer extension. However as this is not official, we are unable to install this. I presume that most external users won’t be able to do the same, due to IT security policy. We can see PDF’s in new tabs, just not within the app.


One of our developers tested removing the parent divs class’s and properties as a bit of a hack/test. Reloaded the .pdf and it seemed to work as expected - can this issue be confirmed as a bug?


Are there plans to make enable this feature to work Chromium Edge or Chrome? We are going to eventually move away from Edge and IE, so we need to make sure this works.