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Pop up for script output in Arc Pro?

Question asked by rgugler@nps.gov_nps on Sep 22, 2020

Do any of the  default python libraries in Arc Pro include the ability have output data show up in a pop up window in Arc Pro? I made a QA/QC script tool that checks a polygon layer for multipart polygons. If a box is checked, it will output a table that can be joined to the data to identify it for cleaning. If it's a quick check and no output is requested, a summary of if and how many multipart polygons exit in the data is shown in the messages. I want to try and have it output to a pop up window, but since the tool is for wide distribution, I can't depend on anything other than the base python packages installed with Pro. It works as is, thankfully, I just want to save people some clicks and learn something new if I can!