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python expression

Question asked by uk050087_unikassel on Sep 22, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2020 by agelfert

Hello everybody,


in the picture you can see an attribute table of an heat meter. The number of the heat meter is 11250423. The heat status is given monthly. Now I want to make an expression to get the consumption of every month.




in theory I have to do sth like this:

y_(i+1)-y_(i) = consumption


Month 1 (january): y_(1+1)-y_(1) = consumption of January

Month 2 (feb): y_(2+1)-y_(2) = consumption of February


Month 12 (dec): y_(12+1)-y_(12) = consumption of December


does anybody know, how to write an expression in arcgis? I want to make a new field to calculate.


Thanks for helping.


Greets from Germany!