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New error 00334 when publishing with ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 with custom arcade expression on symbology

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2020
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I have a layer with a custom expression of nested arcade If statements. This expression worked prior to updating ArcGIS Pro to 2.6.1 and still works in Pro itself now. However, where before I had no issue with publishing the layer to Portal, now I receive an Error 00334 stating that the symbology is referencing a subtype and the values must be included in the subtype field to enable feature access.


This wasn't an issue in the version prior to 2.6 (2.5.X?) but is now. I'm assuming its a bug but am hoping there's a work around.


Additionally, another layer on the same map does NOT show any errors when publishing. However, when published it is not on the feature layer. It is present on the published map image layer, but not the feature layer. It does have errors on ArcGIS Server Manager, however. On manager, the layer states that there was an error while initializing types for the layer. It states "Error while initializing Type for unique value: 10 label: Vent Valve for layer: Name of Layer." And it has multiple of those, replacing Vent Valve with each other label on the layer.


Does anyone have suggestions for fixing these issues?