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Calibration interpolation error

Question asked by colin.schut.tdy on Sep 8, 2020
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Currently experiencing a strange calibration error and wondering if anyone has experienced it or if it is a logged bug I have been unable to find. 


I have a route that goes around a bend like so.

A new access has been built to the highway splitting the route in two, and for event reasons the route beyond the bend is being realigned to incorporate this access. 

The start calibration point is correct (0), the point at the centreline split is correct (107), and the end point is correct (1320), but for about 25 geographic meters beyond the new calibration point on the now split centerline, the measures quickly increase from 107 to 566, where they then interpolate properly between 566 and 1320. The pre-realigned measures and post realigned measures do not match at any point.


As far as I can tell there is no centreline duplication, the centrelines meet properly and the calibration points are correct. This occurs when I realign the route, or reassign the beginning portion and then extend over the new access.