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Exporting as pdf from ArcGIS Pro Local Indicator Map Frame fails to display correctly

Question asked by bhall_CUD on Sep 9, 2020

When I attempt to export my map series from ArcGIS Pro 2.6, my final product has a local indicator map frame that is supposed to show the location of the map in relation to surrounding maps. Instead, the pdf only shows a grey box where the local indicator map frame is supposed to be located. See image 1.


Image 1

It needs to be like Image 2 from when I exported the same map series in March 2020 using an older version ArcGIS Pro. It may have been verison 2.4.


Image 2

I have to update the map series every quarter and I'm stumped as to why my local indicator map frame is acting so wonky. Inside the ArcGIS Pro, everything looks fine but when I export the map series to pdf or jpeg, the local indicator map frame is displayed correctly. Here's a screenshot of the map project in Image 3.


Image 3



Any thoughts?