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Adding a https WMS OGC Service

Question asked by dafwa_gis on Sep 1, 2020

We have a web map with layers added from a https WMS OGC Service, let's call it:


However, looking at the JSON for this web map shows that the "s" is being dropped from the http in the OperationalLayers definition. Viewing the web map requests in the web browser devtools also confirms that the requests are being made with http instead of https.


Is this something to do with the WMS service itself or is there a reason why AGOL does this?


The JSON (part of) contains the following:


"operationalLayers": [
"id": "wms_2001",
"url": "",  <-------- URL is correct as I added it
"visibility": false,
"visibleLayers": [
"opacity": 1,
"title": "TITLE",
"version": "1.3.0",
"mapUrl": "",  <-------- URL has changed
"featureInfoUrl": "",  <-------- URL has changed
"featureInfoFormat": "text/plain",
"layers": [
"name": "layer111",
"title": "layer111",
"legendUrl": "  <-------- URL has changed